HART & Alfonso P.C. is a firm of trial lawyers.

Hart & Alfonso attorneys defend products liability, personal injury, commercial lawsuits, reinsurance and insurance disputes throughout Texas and the United States. Some of the states in which we have successfully represented clients include Alabama, California, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and New Jersey.

Bill Hart and attorneys with experience in larger firms, started Hart, Buckley & Wallace, P.C. in 1997. In May of 2000, other attorneys joined the firm, renaming the firm Hart & Power P.C. In February of 2007 the name was changed to Hart & Alfonso. Since the beginning of the firm in 1997, we have built a client base of large corporations, insurance companies, and reinsurance companies from around the world because of our success, our belief in keeping the best interest of our clients first, and our integrity.

Hart & Alfonso P.C. has developed innovative ways of reaching fee arrangements, including fixed fee arrangements, early evaluation and resolution programs, and fee caps on blocks of cases. We can do this through process efficiencies, effective time management, and use of appropriate levels of professional personnel for the best possible billing rate, resulting in a combined average hourly rate substantially lower than that of many of our competitors.

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